Wish you all HOPE This Christmas

I saw something in my phone today that made my heart sink a little. I saw today’s date. 24/12/17. I knew that there was just one left for Christmas but actually seeing the date was not so exciting. I thought of how I waited the whole year for this season to start and though the fever and the celebrations stretches weeks into the new year, I was just a little sad that tomorrow is Christmas day and the 11 months long wait for the next one will begin again in days.

Dinners, parties, bonding with friends and family, sitting around the fire, gifts under the tree, snow fights… Well, expect for a couple of dinner parties with friends, none of those other things are part of my season. Christmas can be the loneliest time of the year, if I allow it to be. There are so many people and things to miss and once I start with one, it will be a waterfall of misses. I was just wondering why then do I wait for December with so much eagerness? The thing is that it is a habit. And what a lovely habit it is!

The childhood Christmases that I had were wonderful times. It has been years since I had a Christmas like those and yet, I still look forward to those days. All credit goes to our parents for permitting us and of course providing all that we need to make our carnivals a success. Yes, Carnivals. That’s how I remember them. Well, they might not have been as colorful, loud and jolly as I remember them, but I don’t want to remember it any other way.

Christmas isn’t as exciting as it used to be. To tell the truth, it is just another day, just like today, the 24th. My husband is working tomorrow, and we don’t have any plans for myself or us. It can be a sad affair to be so alone while I know that my family is feasting and celebrating. But after all these years of being alone on Christmas day, I now know that it doesn’t really matter where we are on this day or what we are doing. If we know and understand what Christmas means to us, there is nothing that can dampen our celebrations.

Christmas to me is all about HOPE. I am hopeful about so many things most days of the year, but I feel that the CHRISTMAS HOPE is a little more convincing. I love Christmas because of its assurance. Whatever had happened in 2017 will now start to seem less bad and soon they will even be forgotten. To me, this day is a new beginning, a renewal, the time for me to put the past to rest.

Tomorrow, HOPE will warm me up and HOPE will turn my plate into the heartiest feast. HOPE will ready me for the coming year and help me countdown the months and days to Christmas 2018. That’s how the Christmas magic works on me.

Wishing you all HOPE this Christmas.



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