A Wife’s Poem for her Husband

He doesn’t mind where he treads and he trips.

He avoids spiteful utterance from his lips.

This fellow mistake every word of mine for sarcasm,

But we have over-passed the chasm.


He laughs most at his own story,

But rarely gives control to his fury.

Proper words he misses in his speech,

Misunderstood, he loves to lay on the beach.


He can watch the same movie more than thrice,

I say, you won’t find a guy this precise.

A good pint of brew he seldom will refuse,

Everybody’s pal, his sincerity ooze.


A single article he usually can’t find,

Yet, his love and care is unfeigned.

It’s useless to fret over his flaws that are permanent.

The truth is, only he can bear my temperament.



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