Under the Weather and Learning Craft

I have been a little ‘under the weather’ for almost a month now and hence the plunge in my posts. There are improvements every day and yet I’m still waiting for the day when I can tell if a dish is too salty or lack salt. I am also longing for the morning when I will wake up with my ears popped open and I can hear myself clearly. I know that day is near and so I am just waiting.

One good, actually the best, outcome of these past weeks is that now my husband can cook anything you throw at him. He can curry, roast and even make my traditional stews and I pray he never forgets. I guess it’s my responsibility to make sure that he doesn’t lose this confidence. He is enjoying his time in the kitchen, maybe because I am not there to interfere, nag and advise. I am very grateful to him for making the efforts. I know many husbands who would just give up without even trying.

The other day I was feeling a little bored, a good sign I think, so I was thinking what I could do to keep myself occupied. My husband suggested that I write. Not a good idea because my brain has been very slow whenever it’s not blank.

“When health takes a dip ……… all inspiration slips”

I write nonsense even when my head is all clear, I cannot possibly deliver anything more rubbish than that. Therefore, my laptop has been resting in the corner untouched.

Since writing wasn’t something I wanted to risk, I remembered an old embroidering book my mother-in-law had loaned. That was well, at least three years ago. By the way, I am not a needle and thread person. I know the basics of stitching but I don’t know anything about embroidering. That day when she, so hopefully, handed me this book with a set of needles and a box of embroidery floss, I was too ashamed to confess to her that I didn’t know the craft. So, I took out the book and all the other night and thought of learning something new.

My husband and I were gifted with a good laugh when I opened the book. All the instructions were written in Korean (I think). No worries though. YouTube is the best teacher when there is no real one around. As my husband toiled with our dinner, I sat myself down with a towel to learn embroidering in the hope that one day I may repay my mother-in-law for having the trust in me. By the time the table was set, I had learned a couple of stitches and I suggested that maybe I should finally buy the sewing machine I think of getting every once in a year. He recommended that I give my new hobby a week before I plan forward.



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