Christmas Memories: Our Traditional Bundles of Joy

As Christmas is nearing, I am seeing various advertisements for pre-packed hampers and baskets for gifting. This is quite a new initiation for Kohima and my reaction was, “How convenient!”. I told my husband about these enterprises, expecting a similar… Continue Reading

Wedding, Family and Food. Forget Bride and Groom

I may not seem a suitable person to be talking about weddings since I ELOPED, but I simply love a wedding. Not all, just the traditional ones that happens back home. Most marriages take place in the months of November,… Continue Reading

Pelargonium or ‘Geranium’ and its Varieties

In my last post, I had pointed out that the plants which we call ‘geraniums’ are actually pelargoniums. These two plants belong to the same family but geraniums and pelargoniums have very distinct differences. Pelargoniums are indigenous to South Africa… Continue Reading

The Real Geranium and its Varieties

A house cannot be home to me unless it contains some live plants around. I would most likely choose greens and trees but honestly, I don’t care much about the species. I just have simple requirements like I need the… Continue Reading

Our Grandmother: A Very Special Recipe

Aitamaa, our highly sophisticated octogenarian Grandma, is quite a celebrity among family and friends for her elaborate parties. I have noticed that it is customary for the family to gather at her place, invited or uninvited, to celebrate any important… Continue Reading

Food For Medicine: The Tribal Way

After a week of cheating on our diet and indulging in rice and other carb-rich food, yesterday was supposed to be the day we get back to track but my lunch for today was rice with ghee (clarified butter), tuna… Continue Reading

An Introduction to Basil

I discovered very late that there were more varieties of basil than just the only two I had seen, the Thai basil and the Holy basil. I didn’t even know that the herb that we use in almost every dish… Continue Reading

15 best Indoor Plants for the UAE

Cleaning the air and enhancing the décor of a room aren’t the only things that plants have to offer. We are all aware of the positive influence that plants have on our mental and emotional well-being . Some of us,… Continue Reading