The Tree by the Lake

The water in the lake evaporates,

hungry dogs in the shade repose,

sweat runs down my back.

The road burns my soles

as I walk under the scorcher.

The place has a deserted look.

I see the old lady sitting, fanning,

the radio playing sluggish songs.

All leaves wrinkled,

Heat seems to have devoured life,

Flies scavenging for what remains.

Then comes in sight the brilliant yellow,

with excited bees buzzing musically.

My fatigue dissolves.

Life has been sprinkled over me,

over the lake, the dogs, the road…

Flowers cover her front and back,

almost pulling her down with

such heaviness! Such beauty!

They may be gone tomorrow

but only till next May

to fulfill her purpose

on another wild midsummer day.

I might not see her again

but I shall fondly remember

her graceful yellow by the lake

and in my heart thank and praise

He who made her.



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