The Echoing Highlight of all my Summer Breaks

Summer vacation was just a mere two weeks keeping in mind that schools remained close for two whole months in winter. I never minded this arrangement after all who wants to have school works during the festive season and also,… Continue Reading

Pink Spray Bottle

It’s another hot summer day, She is out on her balcony, holding her plastic spray in dismay.   Her hair up in a tight bun, Glasses slipping from her nose, skin glistening in the sun.   In her flowy tie-dye… Continue Reading

Paper Boats (Haiku)

The monsoon is here Muddy water in the drains Time for paper boats.   Grab the used notebook Hold up the old umbrella Time for paper boats.     (Haiku is Japanese poem of seventeen syllables, in three lines of… Continue Reading

The Tree by the Lake

The water in the lake evaporates, hungry dogs in the shade repose, sweat runs down my back. The road burns my soles as I walk under the scorcher. The place has a deserted look. I see the old lady sitting, fanning,… Continue Reading