When it Pours on Kohima

When it pours down on Kohima in October, You fetch your sweater or a light shawl, Your feet are cold but just slightly. Your Mom takes out her knitting set and wool, And you sit by the fire and warm… Continue Reading

Worms do not Compare

Some only look up, Picking and socializing, Undaunted by Words.   Some only look down, Withdrawn from congregation, Stalled by repressions.   Who will tell them that the end is the same for all? Worms do not compare.   Some… Continue Reading

The Sounds of the Night

Every sound is amplified, every feeling gets exaggerated. The roosters crow in the distance, though the clock only says twelve. Cries of a baby emerge from the house below, the mother shushes. The heavy footsteps from the floor above and… Continue Reading

When Health Takes a Dip

I got my fifteen minutes of Middle Eastern morning sunlight, Snacked on an Ecuadorian banana and saved the Kiwi apple for later. Thai rice and two Irish eggs await me for lunch, My over-worked Japanese kettle whistles once again, As… Continue Reading

Let Us Go Back

The past holds the future. Don’t be chased. Don’t be chained. Forget it and we tumble. Go back and make peace. Happiness is accepting what had been. It may be ugly and it may pain, But it is not a… Continue Reading

A Farmer’s Shed

  There can’t be a greater sin than breaking into a farmer’s shed. A tattered hut built from collected and begged scraps, Made to stand on salvaged, old but reliable poles of timber, cut open oil tin cans nailed to… Continue Reading

Waiting to be Wowed

I am waiting for my next ‘WOW’ moment. It has been a while…. That kind of moment when I can’t believe my Eyes, When I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. The tiniest hair on my body will Stand,… Continue Reading


Crying for candies, getting it stuck to my hair, dropping it on the ground, washing the dirt off, popping it back in the mouth, hiding it under the pillow, wake up and check if it is still there, fighting with… Continue Reading

Our Earth is Slipping

Earth is slipping, And we are sleeping. Plains are flooded, The forest is gutted. The ice is melting, Temperature is rising. It is raining acid, We pray for life placid. We gasp for clean air, Yet, we need an heir.… Continue Reading

Enmity and Amity (Diamante)

Enmity Timorous, rebellious, Resenting, doubting, guarding, Isolation, melancholy: Contentment, inclusion, Tolerating, believing, adoring, Harmonious, sanguine, Amity.     A diamante poem is a 7-line poem that looks like a diamond. It does not have to rhyme. It can be used… Continue Reading


If only we learn to stop meddling, intruding, to mind just our own, behind every disaster would not be a man’s mistake.     A Tanka (short poem) is a form of classical Japanese poetry in five lines and thirty-one… Continue Reading

The Guava Tree

Behind our house used to be a guava tree, Where my brother and I often sat for free. Leaning against its cool creamish trunk, We would chatter and sing till the sun sunk. Sometimes we helped peel its exhausted barks… Continue Reading

Let Down Your Sails (Cinquain)

Dreamer Let down your sails Pursue your destiny Unhindered by what is unseen Buoyant.     *A cinquain is a 5 line poem that follows a specific format. There are various types of cinquains. Some are created with a number… Continue Reading