Back from Home, Back from Kohima

I am back!!! Just into my sixth month of blogging and I’ve already broken its foremost rule – BEING CONSISTENT. As if programmed, my laptop broke about two weeks into my stay in Kohima. NOT trying to excuse myself because… Continue Reading

Sharing: The Best Way of Loving

Very rarely do I not think of my nephews as I pass the Dubai Airport. A fleet of planes are parked just meters away while one takes off every few seconds. I can almost imagine the excited faces of my… Continue Reading

Miserable Separation and the Sweet Re-union

My husband and I shamelessly and hopelessly miss each other whenever we are separated (temporarily). Our misery begins days before the scheduled departure date. I feel that he is completely dependent on me and that in my absence, he is… Continue Reading

My Most Peculiar Childhood Friend

  A childhood friend is an imprint we can never erase from our lives. We may drift apart, not see each other for all our adult lives but when we think who our friends are, their faces always pop up.… Continue Reading

Wedding, Family and Food. Forget Bride and Groom

I may not seem a suitable person to be talking about weddings since I ELOPED, but I simply love a wedding. Not all, just the traditional ones that happens back home. Most marriages take place in the months of November,… Continue Reading

Now (Fibonacci poem)

War, Death, Crippled, Refugees, Cities burnt to ground, Little children without parents,        Blindly traveling into a future uncertain. Good Samaritans committed to help the needy, the unsecured fear for their own.          The escapee’s… Continue Reading

Mama’s Tight-Lipped Girl

One of my earliest childhood memories is of my Mother threatening me that she wouldn’t take me anywhere if I didn’t talk to people. I don’t remember promising her anything but she would take me out anyway and I would… Continue Reading

Last Night

He was seventeen when he visited me. That unforgotten smile, dimples on his face, those deep dark eyes. I felt, cared, I couldn’t have loved. I woke up, with scratchy feelings, curious. What was his name? I guessed, but I… Continue Reading

To Those Who Make Us Laugh

We can never guess a person’s ‘laugh’ unless we hear it. Unlike many things that we can fake, our laughter comes out naturally (most times) and is easily detectable if faking. I, weirdly, always enjoy hearing a new person’s ‘uncontrolled’… Continue Reading

There is a Lot to a Name

My maternal grandmother blessed me with my name when I was born. She named me ZENEITUONUO, meaning happy companion. It may be taken as a blessing to all who meet me to find happiness in my company or as a… Continue Reading

Marriage – a Totally Different Ball Game

There must had been times when Adam held his head in his hands and asked God “What does Eve want from me?”. Mary, the perfect woman, must had given Joseph the silent treatment every now and then and poor Joseph… Continue Reading

How Sports Help us Escape our Stressful Lives

My mother always says that there is nothing more peaceful than watching sports. She says that sports help us forget our worries as we get lost in the game. She, 70, and my father, 73, watch every tennis tournament that… Continue Reading

Our Grandmother: A Very Special Recipe

Aitamaa, our highly sophisticated octogenarian Grandma, is quite a celebrity among family and friends for her elaborate parties. I have noticed that it is customary for the family to gather at her place, invited or uninvited, to celebrate any important… Continue Reading

Dear Friends, Stay With Me. Please…

It is no secret that I would be a total loner if my handful of friends didn’t understand my character and minded my ‘friendly’ acts. My social skills lack vigour and I fail miserably at showing affection. I had not… Continue Reading

1997 School Girl Fantasies (Nothing Kinky)

It was the year of 1997, I was a thirteen-year-old studying in class-8 and my whole being was overflowing with dreams and fantasies. I was a nervous teenager getting the scare of my life every time my body surprised me… Continue Reading