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The Moon and the Stars – I Wonder What You are

One of the first rhymes that many children learn is the all-time favorite ‘Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star’. An earliest activity they learn to do is to point out to the sky when they are asked, “Where is the Moon?” or “Where is the star?”. Based on the toddlers I have...


A Miracle Worth Sharing (Continuation)

I was telling you about a friend of mine whose miracle of a life amazes me more as time is passing. Everyday, all of us are provided with chances to reform and change our bad ways but we don’t even see the open door because we aren’t willing to change....


Back from Home, Back from Kohima

I am back!!! Just into my sixth month of blogging and I’ve already broken its foremost rule – BEING CONSISTENT. As if programmed, my laptop broke about two weeks into my stay in Kohima. NOT trying to excuse myself because had I been really keen on posting, I could have...


When it Pours on Kohima

When it pours down on Kohima in October, You fetch your sweater or a light shawl, Your feet are cold but just slightly. Your Mom takes out her knitting set and wool, And you sit by the fire and warm your toes. The aromatic rice in the cooker is alluring,...


Home: Just Another Place Without the People

  I am visiting my home town, Kohima, after one full year. If you have read my other posts, you will know just how attached I am to this beautiful place and its people. My heart is always tightly stringed to them and any attempt to make me love any...


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