Vienna, Thieves, Schnitzel and Goulash

The train from Budapest brought us to Vienna at lunchtime. We were famished by the time we reached our hotel but it wasn’t yet time to check-in so we left our bags and headed out with only one place in… Continue Reading

I Live in Biryani Heaven

When you crave for biryani, nothing but biryani will do. I had my first taste of biryani in 2008 and I discovered it by myself (woo hoo!). I had just moved to Delhi and was staying in Okhla area. One… Continue Reading

Our Grandmother: A Very Special Recipe

Aitamaa, our highly sophisticated octogenarian Grandma, is quite a celebrity among family and friends for her elaborate parties. I have noticed that it is customary for the family to gather at her place, invited or uninvited, to celebrate any important… Continue Reading

Food For Medicine: The Tribal Way

After a week of cheating on our diet and indulging in rice and other carb-rich food, yesterday was supposed to be the day we get back to track but my lunch for today was rice with ghee (clarified butter), tuna… Continue Reading

An Introduction to Basil

I discovered very late that there were more varieties of basil than just the only two I had seen, the Thai basil and the Holy basil. I didn’t even know that the herb that we use in almost every dish… Continue Reading