The Guava Tree

Behind our house used to be a guava tree, Where my brother and I often sat for free. Leaning against its cool creamish trunk, We would chatter and sing till the sun sunk. Sometimes we helped peel its exhausted barks… Continue Reading

Pelargonium or ‘Geranium’ and its Varieties

In my last post, I had pointed out that the plants which we call ‘geraniums’ are actually pelargoniums. These two plants belong to the same family but geraniums and pelargoniums have very distinct differences. Pelargoniums are indigenous to South Africa… Continue Reading

The Real Geranium and its Varieties

A house cannot be home to me unless it contains some live plants around. I would most likely choose greens and trees but honestly, I don’t care much about the species. I just have simple requirements like I need the… Continue Reading

15 best Indoor Plants for the UAE

Cleaning the air and enhancing the décor of a room aren’t the only things that plants have to offer. We are all aware of the positive influence that plants have on our mental and emotional well-being . Some of us,… Continue Reading

The Tree by the Lake

The water in the lake evaporates, hungry dogs in the shade repose, sweat runs down my back. The road burns my soles as I walk under the scorcher. The place has a deserted look. I see the old lady sitting, fanning,… Continue Reading