My Most Peculiar Childhood Friend

  A childhood friend is an imprint we can never erase from our lives. We may drift apart, not see each other for all our adult lives but when we think who our friends are, their faces always pop up.… Continue Reading


Crying for candies, getting it stuck to my hair, dropping it on the ground, washing the dirt off, popping it back in the mouth, hiding it under the pillow, wake up and check if it is still there, fighting with… Continue Reading

The Echoing Highlight of all my Summer Breaks

Summer vacation was just a mere two weeks keeping in mind that schools remained close for two whole months in winter. I never minded this arrangement after all who wants to have school works during the festive season and also,… Continue Reading

The Guava Tree

Behind our house used to be a guava tree, Where my brother and I often sat for free. Leaning against its cool creamish trunk, We would chatter and sing till the sun sunk. Sometimes we helped peel its exhausted barks… Continue Reading

Why I love my Frizzy and Coarse Hair

My sister and I were walking back home after visiting some relatives and on the way, she told me that she would cut my hair because my long hair was starting to absorb the growth of my body and preventing… Continue Reading

Mama’s Tight-Lipped Girl

One of my earliest childhood memories is of my Mother threatening me that she wouldn’t take me anywhere if I didn’t talk to people. I don’t remember promising her anything but she would take me out anyway and I would… Continue Reading

To Reach or Not to Reach

On a cold Kohima night, the dew drips from the tin roof on the ceiling. No heater and no fire. All wrapped up in our hand-woven wool shawls, we sit watching the television. Two boys and one girl and our… Continue Reading

1997 School Girl Fantasies (Nothing Kinky)

It was the year of 1997, I was a thirteen-year-old studying in class-8 and my whole being was overflowing with dreams and fantasies. I was a nervous teenager getting the scare of my life every time my body surprised me… Continue Reading