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Yerevan: The City with a Birth Certificate

Yerevan or Erevan is the capital of Armenia and was found by king Argishti I in the year 782 BC. How do we know? Yerevan has a ‘birth certificate’ or more appropriately a ‘birth tablet’. Unbelievable, but true. In the year of 1950, archaeologists found a basalt stone slab with...


Armenia: A Brief Introduction

My husband and I recently had the privilege to visit the Republic of Armenia. It was an unplanned last-minute escape, so we made no itinerary. Since we had already been to its next-door neighbor Georgia, we were expecting these two places and their people to be closely similar. It happened...


A Day at the City of Love: Sighnaghi, Georgia

For the last day of my incredible short trip to Georgia, I had planned for a quick trip to Sighnaghi, the town of love, in the Kakheti region. The driver from the previous day helped find a car to take me and so we started at 9am from the hotel....


A Trip to Kazbegi/Stepantsminda from Tbilisi (Georgia)

I had planned a trip to Stepantsminda or Kazbegi on the second day and fortunately I found ‘three interested candidates’ to share the experience and the cost. We hired a tourist taxi for $120 and with it came an amazing Georgian man who would be our guide. His English was...


Visit to the country of Georgia – A Day in Tbilisi

I believe it a waste for a budget traveler like myself to go to any new place without a solid itinerary. I don’t have enough money or more importantly time to squander in a place I may never get to visit again. Many go for holidays to relax and chill...


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