Spring Cleaning and Minimalism

Spring cleaning is done and Phew!!!! What a relieve and I mean What a Relieve!!! I feel like this was the most important thing I have done this year. I had been trying to escape this cleaning for many days now and last evening, I decided that it must be done. Now, the winter clothes are packed away and those I can live without are ready to be given away. I look around the house and though I haven’t moved any furniture, the house looks more spacious because my mind feels cleaner.

I think of my mother whenever I am ‘Minimalizing’ my belongings because lately, she has become a profound advocate of ‘Minimalism’. It is astonishing to me because I would think that it must be tough for somebody like her to detach herself completely from her possessions because of how little she had to call her own while was growing up.

My Mother has seen poverty in it’s very true nature. My Grandfather met with an accident that left him impaired for the rest of his life when she was just around 7 and she was the eldest of 5 siblings. My Grandmother worked in other people’s fields for a daily wage on days when she wasn’t working on her own fields. My Mother even recalls of how she would sit on the footpath with her grandmother selling or bartering their vegetables. All of them struggled so much  that its shameful sometimes to even share what I think my struggles are. Today they are all blessed with more than they need and it is a real success story.

Usually, such people tend to become hoarders, they want to get and keep whatever they can hold on to, but I think they learned their lesson the right way.

My mother had 7 children with my Father and as long as we were all living with our parents, our house was always full of clutter. No matter how much cleaning was done, it was difficult with that many people under one roof to get things organized. Then one after another we started moving out and my Mother was left with our wastes. Instead of hanging on to them, she immediately started giving them away or throwing them and I have always been highly impressed by this among so many other things. Even in the kitchen, she has only a few things that are just enough for my father and her.

She continues to tell everybody, “Less stuff, Less work”.


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