Sharing: The Best Way of Loving

Very rarely do I not think of my nephews as I pass the Dubai Airport. A fleet of planes are parked just meters away while one takes off every few seconds. I can almost imagine the excited faces of my nephews and hear their screams if they were to see this view. This desire of SHARING the wonderful experiences that I am fortunate to live every day is never-ending. Whether it is the food I eat, the clothes I buy, the places I get to see, or the simplest pleasures of life, seldom do my parents and my siblings not come to my mind. I can’t help wishing they were with me to share those special moments.

Growing up, we couldn’t afford much luxuries though we never lacked. Our parents were always sure that the best thing they could give us was good education. They therefore never compromised when it came to anything that had to do with our studies. They sent us to colleges and universities with only the hope that we may be able to provide for ourselves in the future. We may not be in positions they had initially envisioned but I honestly don’t believe they are disappointed in any of us.

Last night, like many nights, I laid on the bed assessing the family and I realized that I am not the only one in the family with the goodness of SHARING. We are all the same and it is beautiful. It is not a compulsion but a virtue which we don’t even know we have. Had we been taught to live only for oneself, individually, we would probably have more than what we have now but our parents (intentionally or not) instilled in us the quality of SHARING.

As siblings we disagree a lot, so much that sometimes I feel like our challenges are more than any set of siblings on earth. I think that’s just part of being a family. The consolation is that our frustrations sprouts mostly because we wish to do more for each other and sometimes we don’t have enough resources to deliver. We also confuse ourselves with ‘Giving’, ‘Helping’ and ‘Sharing’ and in the process sometimes there are ego clashes. These three words are very different and in our family, we SHARE. It is proving tough but it gets easier once we understand why we do what we do.

A colossal lesson our parents missed to teach us is to show adequate gratitude for no matter how small the token. We don’t say ‘Thank You’ to each other enough. Not that we expect it or that we love to hear it but it is as important to show APPRECIATION as it is to SHARE.



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