My Ridiculous Struggle with Post Titles

A headline or title of any piece of writing is the guide to the post. It is the first thing that catches a reader’s eye and helps him/her decide whether to read or toss. Every reading is ‘taught’ to begin with the headlines and the same goes for writing too. Thus, making it ever so important for any writer to present the most attractive and catchy post titles.

Every manual on writing will instruct us to first, develop the idea and second, come up with an influencing and impressive headline. Only then can the writing begin. Unconsciously and sometimes consciously, I’d be thinking and reasoning with a subject in my mind for days until I decide that maybe I should write something about it. The first step is therefore always in accordance with the rules of writing.

The second step is where I break the rules. I struggle so hard to come up with good post titles. Yesterday, for ‘Going to Concerts: A Favorite Activity (of the Past?)’, I spent some three hours trying to find a better title until I couldn’t take it anymore and just went ahead with this one. I try to contain my posts to between 400 to 500 words and so usually I am done with writing and editing in about an hour. After that I spend a double of that time coming up with a headline and it drives me crazy. Isn’t that ridiculous?

I don’t write headless though. I always give a word so that the document will be easy to save and find in case of some events. For this post, its ‘Headlines’, for the 100th post, it was ‘100’ and the posts related to Christmas were ‘Christmas 1’, ‘Christmas 2’ and so on. I am certain that the headlines for my blog posts will soon carry only one word. I will be getting red flags informing me that my post title is too short and that readers will be put off, but I’m not sure how much more time I can give to finding proper headlines. If you go through my posts, you will realize that the titles are all quiet crappy. This part of writing is just not my forte.

Unfortunately, I face the same problem with my speech as well. I am not a conversation starter. If you ask me something, I will reply but I seldom asks questions. Recently I have been making some attempts to be inquisitive. I realize that asking moderate and sensible questions can sometimes suggest care and love. It is a good thing I am trying. Hopefully I can start a conversation someday soon and get better with my Headlines as well. Else, I will just have to crawl into my one-word post titles.


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