The Real Geranium and its Varieties

A house cannot be home to me unless it contains some live plants around. I would most likely choose greens and trees but honestly, I don’t care much about the species. I just have simple requirements like I need the plant to be a good air cleaner, easy to maintain and of course not look too shabby. To sum it up, I keep plants because I need them and if I had the luxury of having an empty plot, I would rather plant vegetables in it. I find any kind of flower beautiful and I don’t have preferences. So, anytime anybody wants to get flowers for me, they needn’t waste their time wondering which one I’d like more.

Gardening must be one of the oldest and most serious hobbies (not mine) we human beings know. Growing flowers can be calming, rewarding and therapeutic though sometimes it can get stressful and competitive. But as long as nobody gets hurt or goes bankrupt, it’s all good.

“A garden is a grand teacher. It teaches patience and careful watchfulness; it teaches industry and thrift; above all it teaches entire trust.”       

                                                               – Gertrude Jekyll

In this post, I want to explore the varieties of geraniums that are available presently. Geraniums are favorite to many because of their beauty, availability, and low maintenance. Their popularity has only increased in the present day and with so many varieties, one can easy become obsessed with it.  I won’t be giving any instructions on how to grow geraniums or how to take care of them because I honestly don’t know a thing about that.

Geranium gets its name from the Greek word ‘géranos’ meaning ‘crane’. The real geraniums are actually ‘cranes-bill’ and the ones that we call geraniums are ‘pelargoniums‘. Cranes-bill are called so because the seed pods look a lot like cranes’ bills. These geraniums are all low growing plants, have thorns and are less attractive. They are also called ‘hardy-geranium’.

Some popular geraniums/ hardy geraniums/ cranes-bill are:

  1. Geranium erianthum/ Woolly geranium/ Wild geranium/ Cranes-bill
  2. Geranium clarkei/ Clarke’s geranium/ Kashmir White
  3. Geranium endressii/ Endres cranes-bill/ French crane’s-bill
  4. Geranium sanguineum/ Bloody crane’s-bill/ Bloody geranium
  5. Geranium renardii
  6. Geranium caespitosum/ Purple cluster geranium/ Pineywoods geranium
  7. Geranium cinereum/ Ballerina
  8. ‘Johnson’s Blue’ geranium
  9. ‘Double Jewel’ Geranium
  10. Geranium ‘Rozanne’/ Jolly Bee
  11. Geranium ‘Southcombe Double’
  12. Geranium maderense/ Giant herb-Robert/ the Madeira cranes-bill

In my next post, I shall be exploring the various varieties of pelargoniums or what generally and mistakenly called geraniums.


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