Movie time: You and Me Time -1

My husband and I watch at least five movies every weekend. It is a ritual for us to watch one in the theater, followed by a movie marathon at home. When we began our life under the same roof, I thought it a complete waste of time and felt embarrassed that my husband swore by the superhero comic characters. I found it so childish that he fantasized about going to Hogwarts or jumped for joy when Gandalf the White appeared or that he held the ladle like a Jedi would hold the Light-saber. It took me a bit of time to get over all these.

Being blessed with a very ‘sensible’ and ‘matured’ mind, I was ashamed to walk into the hall where Captain America was playing. I wanted to watch only ‘grown-up’ movies dealing with serious subjects like the end of the world or somebody dying, movies that would win Oscars. He complied and we watched some pretty Misérable movies. I know he will never forgive me for making him watch Frozen and La La Land (in theater!!).

We understand that we need to respect each other’s picks but most times I bear watching my own choosing (there I said it). In our last holiday, we carried the whole Rocky volume and watched them because I hadn’t watched even one. Now I understand why Stallone is Stallone. I came back a fan. He also introduced me to The Godfather, Indiana Jones and who can forget the Star Wars. We are now almost synced when it comes to movie preferences and it’s a good thing.

Even then I still make sure to come up with the suggestion of watching a movie with real-life issues and every time he objects saying, “We are living it. We don’t need to see it in pictures.” According to him it is a waste of money. He says that he wants to see only those that makes total nonsense, making him forget reality even if just for 130 minutes. Makes total sense.

Now we even sit in a hall full of screaming children watching animated films that mean to teach them important life lessons. We make a dash for a hall to see Vin Diesel in XxX and wait patiently for teasing clips after a Marvel movie is over. My husband cannot stop bragging about how I was the one who introduced him to Game of Thrones. I have come a long way.

Movies are just a means of passing (mostly wasting) time, I used to think. I now see it as an escape from stress. Our movie time is important for us, individually as well as for our relationship. We don’t need to learn anything from watching movies but most times we do learn something. On the other hand, over-abusing movie time takes all the fun out of movies. We don’t watch films during the weekdays and so we look forward to the weekends.

When we exploit anything too much, it becomes meaningless and a waste of time.

To be continued…..


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