Movie Time: You and Me Time – 2

This is a continuation of my last post ‘Movie Time: You and Me Time ‘.

As I was saying… When we exploit anything too much, it becomes meaningless and a waste of time. It is human nature to take things for granted no matter how much we love it. Keeping a safe distance is for me the efficient way of reminding myself how much that person or thing means to me. It also reveals what I don’t need in my life (almost always things).

There are so many meaningful things that couples can do to bond. Many may think that true connection comes only when we hold hands, look at each other in the eye and exchange profound words. That special time doesn’t need to have red roses, gifts, candle lit dinner or chocolates and it doesn’t have to end in love-making. Heart to heart discussions, celebrations and an intimate getaway are vital but luxurious. It’s important to find something inexpensive and effortless.

Truth is that couples feel guilty to indulge in such activities, especially if they have children. I know how my siblings feel when their children cannot be included, they just abandon the whole plan. But I truly believe that a couple who finds time for just themselves is parents to happier children. Perhaps my husband and I wouldn’t be able to keep our movie ritual if surrounded by more people and more work but then I also think, why not? I won’t stress on it because ‘What would I know?’.

Our movie time may seem silly and not worth putting any effort but it works for us. During those hours, we rarely speak and sometimes even forget the other person’s presence and yet we feel the bond. We laugh at funny scenes, cry over sad ones, freeze in suspense, cover our ears in fear and even yell at stupid characters. If this isn’t connecting, I don’t know what is. 😊

We enjoy this time together and look forward to it. Like I wrote in Part 1, we don’t watch movies on weekdays. We can easily change this habit and start watching a movie everyday but so far, we haven’t done that. It would simply make our weekend movie time less exciting. If any activity, however silly, helps us get closer to each other, there can be no good reason to quit it. An escape from reality is what we all need once in a while.


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