A Miracle Worth Sharing (Continuation)

I was telling you about a friend of mine whose miracle of a life amazes me more as time is passing. Everyday, all of us are provided with chances to reform and change our bad ways but we don’t even see the open door because we aren’t willing to change. My friend had the desire to change for the better but even so, he couldn’t have done it alone. He succeeded because of the people who were dedicated to help him realize his desire.

His family, of course, must had played the core role in his recovery but I know absolutely nothing about them. We, his classmates, were too busy with school works and being dumb, we never cared about each other’s families. Now, when I think about it, I never knew the profession of any of my friends’ parents. What a non-judgmental childhood we had! Even our parents never bothered with whose kids we hung out with. The only division we had was our classes. That was the only hierarchical system among the children. Today’s scene is different.

Anyway, coming back to miracles, the day when our friend offered us the pills (God knows what they were) and we refused was nothing short of a miracle. Teenage girls not lured by something that can make you lose weight? Many things could have gone wrong that day. Fortunately, we must had been feeling pretty good about our bodies that day (no issues with self-image). When we were in our 10th and approaching the end of our school lives, I have a vague memory of him apologizing to our class for his ways. I am not absolutely certain but that’s something he would have done. How happy he became after his path was clear! There was some kind of a glow in him. It makes me smile to picture his face. He always smiled.

We, his classmates, cannot be given any amount of credit for his rehabilitation because we were just being kids. I don’t remember ever discussing that we should at least inquire about him when he didn’t come to school for weeks. Instead, we just thought he dropped out. Our teachers and the school didn’t give up though. How many schools do you know would have patiently waited for a student to recover from his flawing habits. It wasn’t even an illness which was being treated by a doctor. He won’t be able produce a medical certificate to excuse him for the weeks he had been absent. Yet, the school waited for him. It was a miracle.

To clear any cynicism, there wasn’t a chance of recommendation. We just had good-hearted people in our school. I don’t remember any of our teachers who didn’t have ‘care’ and ‘love’ in their eyes, well, except two but they were just substitute teachers who left within a year. Our teachers used to give us pep talks and I know for sure that many of them gave their time to speak to our friend. When he returned all new and glowing, I can only imagine how happy they must had been. The miracle story of my friend wouldn’t have ended this way had the school not backed him.

What would have happened if he returned from the Prayer House all healed and happy and then get the news that he had been expelled?

In the present day, children, “CHILDREN”, are thrown out from schools without any Mercy or a second chance. Imagine seeing a brochure of a school that promises to be Compassionate and patient towards your children. We would be skeptic about such a school and go for schools that promises discipline and good grades. These days, the word COMPASSION is mostly related with animals. There are pleas to show compassion for other living beings but when it comes to human beings, we use words like “kindness” and “Charity”.

My school was a Compassionate school with compassionate and caring teachers who have left positive imprints in us. The faculty, the students and the parents made a big family. Not a happy one for sure but still a striving one.


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