Why We Look Forward to Winter?


Generous, Nascent,
Warming, Feasting, Strengthening,
Joyousness, Gratitude: Humiliation, Bereavement,
Shuddering, Unforgiving, Terminating,
Barren, Brutal,



We enjoy the Winter season only because we have roofs over our heads to protect us from the chill. We look forward to its coziness because we have warm clothes and a fire burning. Over-indulging is something we boast about because we have food in our plates. This season is all about mirth and laughter because we have family and friends around us.

If we had none of these things, winter would be the most ruthless and cruelest time of the year. There are millions of people who find this true.

Tonight, a young man will not have even a small fire to keep himself warm; a poorly wrapped baby will sleep on the frozen ground; an old man will lie shriveled in a corner; a strong girl’s body will give up; parents will worry about the next meal.

These awful pictures remind us of faces we had seen on the news, of homeless people very far from our homes. The biggest tragedy is that such people may be living meters away from our comfortable ‘bubbles’.

How Grateful we should be that we find Winter, the Happiest and the most Wonderful time of the year! But then, is simply being Grateful enough? Okay, we GIVE during Christmas. But does it matter to whom we GIFT? Is the joy in GIVING a blanket to a loved one (who will keep it neatly folded in her wardrobe) greater than giving a torn blanket to the old shriveled man in the corner?



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