Learning to Blog and More…..

I’m just learning to blog and in the beginning process of setting up my website. I haven’t achieved much but had it not been for some very helpful blogs, I wouldn’t even know how to login. I honestly declare that I have no knowledge about computers or the Internet, I don’t even know how to use Shortcut Keys. The only thing I use the computer is for basic surfing on the net and typing on Word, but there is so much help available and thanks to them, setting up a website seems so simple. I am sometimes cautious about copy pasting and changing codes, that I have no interest in learning about and I have zero idea why I should change the settings but I do it anyways because I trust that the guidance that these people are offering is genuine. It is a leap of faith and I’m very satisfied with my progress.

I haven’t yet found my niche, which many say is the first thing to do before starting a blog and honestly, I don’t think I am ever going to. My emotions, thoughts and interests are bountiful and I’d like to write about all of them no matter now messy it may get. I may be gibberish sometimes (or often) but I’m being myself and it feels good.

I installed a Plugin on the advice of many people and after I was done writing the post “15 Best Indoor Plants for the UAE”, this App gave me an analysis about the strengths and weaknesses of the post and so I began to make changes according it to get a better rating. I deleted some sentences, repeated some words, shortened the sentences and so on and after a while the post no longer seemed mine and I was disappointed with myself. I have deactivated the App since then.

  I had never considered myself a creative person because I had given a very narrow definition to Creativity. It is heart-breaking how I had tricked myself to believe that for so many years. I realize today that self-confidence could never have been implanted in me by somebody else, I had to learn to give myself credit for whatever I create but firstly, accept that I ‘Create’ something new every time I write.

A week ago, when I first started working on this website, I gave myself 28 days to decide whether I would continue or cancel my subscription. I was intimidated by the websites I had visited and how well people wrote. I was scared that I didn’t know which subject to choose to write about and my top concern was building the site without any knowledge. At present I am happy with my achievements no matter how little it may be because I built it from scratch without any direct help. My posts may be poor in quality but I know that they are improving. This site is so important to me now that it is funny.


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