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I started a blog on four years back at the peak of my depression. Those were the days when even the sand dunes reminded me of home where we must either climb up or down to get anywhere. My eyes would be stuck on any small patch of greenery or trees as if that was the only time I could breath. I had just recently broken my family’s hearts by choosing to marry outside my tribe and religion and that guilt was still very fresh. It was coming to my realization that I was unprepared for many things that life will throw my way. Those were the days I was trying to find myself, to figure out what was important to me. I hated waking up in the morning because I felt that I didn’t have anything to do except think and cry. Many times, I searched for reasons to blame others for what I was going through, you can imagine what all my husband had to bear. Anyway, so I started the blog because writing had helped me in the past and I hoped it would help me again. I vomited on that blog on and off for about two years and then stopped completely.

In the month of March this year, I re-discovered my love for writing and I decided to continue where I had left. So, I went back to my blog and as I read the posts I noticed how negative I had become. It was the writing of a scared and insecure girl. I knew I wasn’t that girl anymore and felt the need to distance myself from her. So, I deleted that account and started anew.

I was keen on blogging for real this time so I sought help on the best ways to do that. There are so many people out there who wants to help strangers make their dreams come true. I was nervous but it was also reassuring to know that almost everybody starts from zero.

There are many blogging platforms like WordPress, BlogSpot, Blogger, Ghost, Tumblr, Wix, Weebly, etc. where we can start a blog for free. We don’t have to go through the hassle of setting up a site because its ready-made. In this type of free Host and blogging platform, we don’t get our own custom domain name, meaning zeneifromkohima will be I wanted something that belonged to me, I wanted more freedom so, I decided to create my own website. To do that, we need to choose a trusted Website Host (they allow individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web) and we have to pay for its services. After much research, I chose to go with and got my own custom domain name too. Zeneifromkohima became

We still use a blogging platform and I continued with because I was familiar with it and it is the most recommended. After setting up an account with Bluehost, I installed WordPress and the journey began. It took me more than a month just to learn to log in. Since I had zero knowledge of whatever I was doing, I had to put my trust on some strangers and I found that help from numerous websites. It wouldn’t be fair not to mention and the WordPress support forum. I followed the instructions word by word. I had to open the dictionary every now and then but it paid off. I wish I could give more information but I still don’t understand what I am doing but I still go ahead because if anything goes wrong, there is always somebody who is willing to help.

The Mighty Bhramaputra River

I didn’t have much idea how I wanted my website to look like and at that time, I came across Reading their posts gave me so much confidence and encouragement. It does not offer step-by-step help for setting up a website but for me, it inspired me and helped me realize that I was doing fine by being myself. Whenever I am confused I go to the Minimalists.

It has been three months since I started my website and I am still working on it. At present, I am daily spending hours working on my menu which has become so messy with the drop-down system. I have tried almost everything that has been asked and it still isn’t working as I want it to. Yesterday, I spent about an hour trying to connect my laptop to the wi-fi, after much trials, I realized that our router needs to be changed. I also had the scare of my life this morning when I couldn’t open my website. For a moment, I thought that was it. I don’t know what had happened but after struggling for about 30 minutes, it worked fine. There have been times when I feel that I should probably seek professional help, as in website developers, but I have time and for a humble personal blog like mine, I don’t see any sense in spending money on anything other than on the Host. Honestly there is still a lot for me to learn but these three months have been rewarding. For somebody like me, it is a huge achievement and I will not be modest about it.

This is my 40th post.


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  1. Hi Zenei, It’s so refreshing to read what you write. More so because you don’t seem to hold what is meant to flow. The beautiful land you come from is reflected in every write up you do and the influence of your beautiful land sets you apart. Keep sharing your stories. My best wishes…Jayanti.

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