Happy New Year!

This is the first post of 2018 and the number 100th.

Seems like a lot but ideally, I should have written a double of that by now. Nonetheless, starting this blog was the highlight of 2017 for me. You see, I am an intensely introverted woman. I can be nervously shy, grievously quiet, and annoyingly stubborn. Talking about myself is the biggest challenge for me. It doesn’t matter whether I have known you since childhood or we’ve just met, believe me, it takes some certain many things for me to open up.

I always thought that I didn’t have any stories to share. My life seemed so dull and unanimated. I would listen to other’s stories and wish for them to happen to me too. Now, I am beginning to see that everybody has stories to tell, even me. I am still protective about myself in my writings, and I know I need more time to be able to completely unbolt, but I can attest the ease that my blog has brought on me. It sounds petty, but it feels like an achievement to me. And I know it wouldn’t feel this way if I didn’t have your support. I write because you motivate me, and I am sincerely grateful.

I am not a planner and certainly not somebody who can follow rules, but I realize I do need a vision for my blog. So far, I have been blindly maneuvering it to all directions, just taking my chances. So, for the next 100, I made two simple, doable resolutions.

  1. I must absolutely not take nine months to write a hundred posts and I must make sure that my posts are more regular. Though, I cannot promise to write daily. Everybody and everything needs a break.
  2. I will learn to write on more diverse subjects that are happening in the present and not only live in my childhood memories.

As for the New Year, I was adamant on not making any resolutions because I always fail miserably at that, but a resolution found me this year. A chat that I had with my husband led me to realize that I DON’T BELIEVE enough. I am, most of the time, a cynic and a sceptic because I don’t want to be disappointed. I assume the endings before the journey even begins and that’s why I am never that excited about the future. It is an obstacle that prevents me from getting what I deserve.

In my Christmas post, I wished us all HOPE but there is no place for Hope if we don’t BELIEVE. Enough of being anxious and pessimistic about the future, I am going to Believe that good things will happen, that my Hopes and Dreams will come true.
Believing is the magic doorway to a better and happier life and I will BELIEVE in 2018.



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