Home: Just Another Place Without the People


I am visiting my home town, Kohima, after one full year. If you have read my other posts, you will know just how attached I am to this beautiful place and its people. My heart is always tightly stringed to them and any attempt to make me love any place more is a wasted effort. I agree I live much more in the memories of the past than in the present and that I am guilty of painting it greener. In truth, home isn’t the same as it used to be. When I am away I erase all the bitter realities of living in this tiny hill station but the moment I set my foot on this land, I am disappointed. Very little is left of the Kohima that lives in my heart and in my memories.

Change is crucial for our survival and there is nothing anybody can do to stop that. Nevertheless, there is sadness in me because I miss the old days. But above everything, I miss the people. To be honest the mountains and the hills will be like any other mountain or hill and not home, had it not been for the people who created memories for me. These men and women are the reason this land is so dear to me and it is shocking how they are fast moving on to the next life.

I cannot promise that the longing for my motherland will remain without the people who I relate to as ‘home’. It is a scary and lonely feeling.

I have been in town for just five days, out of which I went out twice and so far, I have met a woman who has lost her child, a young man who has lost his father, a woman who lost her mother, two widows, a young father who lost his only son and another woman whose grandfather also passed. All these losses in the brief one year and I am yet to meet the families of three very dear women who I will not have the pleasure of meeting again.

Life is unpredictable. It doesn’t matter who we are, the same rule applies to all when it comes to birth and death. There is no knowing when it will be our time to breathe our last. I am not a prayerful person but when I do pray, I ask God to let me meet my family and dear ones again. This time I am feeling that I need to ask this more often.


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