A Healthy Lifestyle to Keep the Doctor at Bay

One of my most dreaded punishments is a visit to the doctor. I will seek an expert’s help only when I feel that I have exhausted all the home remedies. Most times, the solution is simple and the illness go away within days but there are also occasions when the symptoms get aggravated. In such rare cases, I dash to the doctor’s for help. I am not afraid of doctors or injections or what they will discover in my body. I guess I am just ashamed. It’s crazy but I guess I hate being reminded of my unhealthy lifestyle and the changes I am too lazy to make.

After all, the root of almost every single illness that we suffer from has to do with our lifestyles. The air we breathe, the food we eat, the liquid we drink, our sleeping cycle and our physical activities determine much of our health. Of course, there are some genetic diseases that we have no control over but the truth remains that many of the illnesses we suffer from are simply avoidable. I feel guilty when I fall ill because I know that most times, it’s my own doing. But I haven’t yet promised myself to adopt a better lifestyle. I need more motivation to give up junk food and to visit the gym regularly. My boundaries are quite blurry.

Medicines make us arrogant. They give us hope but not the right kind I would say. Let’s say, medicines help us ignore the dangers of living unhealthily. We are neither fearless, nor living life to the fullest, we are just overlooking. We are aware 24/7 of the wrong lifestyle choices we make and yet we just prefer to console ourselves into believing that God and doctors will save us when the time comes. There possibly can’t be anybody who is oblivious of the side effects that each medicine carries. Yet, once we get relief from a medicine, we don’t think twice before taking it again whenever the problem resurfaces.

I truly admire those people who have control over their lifestyle, who eat well, sleep on time and exercise regularly. It takes a whole lot of courage, determination and support to lead a clean lifestyle. It is almost an impossible task to triumph alone unless we are extremely and completely unbendable. The second somebody decides to make the right changes, he will be laughed at and maybe even hated. He is no longer fun to be around and maybe uncomfortable to associate with. His friends may even take it as a challenge to make him break his commitment. Even family rarely have patience to keep up with these changes. It’s not easy.

We all agree that the need of the hour is for us to lead a healthier and cleaner existence but to achieve it, we either have to seclude ourselves from society or become immune to the ridiculous taunts and jokes thrown at us. If we don’t have the courage to take the step ourselves, why not support those who are willing to live better. The only thing we need to do is stop teasing that person. That may be all he needs to succeed.



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