Hair Coloring and the Best Age to Stop

A couple of months ago, a strand of white hair (not grey) was discovered from my head. As my husband tried to extract it, I pretended to be composed but inside, I was panicking. Though I had always hoped that one day every strand of hair on my head would turn white like my Grandmother’s, I wasn’t ready yet.  I missed out the part that it will have to start with one strand. That unwanted hair made me think about some habits I didn’t want to quit. I cursed my lifestyle, the inorganic vegetables, the chemical-filled shampoo and conditioner, the pollution, etc., the list goes on. There didn’t seem to be anything I was doing right to keep my tresses black.

Since then I have found three white ones and every time has been a shock. There must definitely be many hidden ones but I don’t want to start looking for them until I decide what I would do with my greying head. I was never the type who would lovingly comb my tress but now I am afraid to even part it. I just quickly run the comb and bun it up, trying my best to avoid staring at the mirror. Sadly, I know that the process has begun. There is no stopping once you’ve found one. More and more of my hair will turn grey. Good thing is that there is solution, not permanent but temporary and its good enough.

The last time I colored my hair was about 10 years back when I was still a student. I swore then that I wouldn’t color my hair anymore for a valid reason. The awareness of the side effects of the chemicals used in the hair colorants not only on the hair but on the whole body was that reason. Now I realize that I will have to start coloring my tress soon but it’s a relieve that there are now several products that claim to be natural. I will just have to be careful while choosing one for myself. So, the solution, though only temporary, is easy. I can just keep coloring my hair for as long as I want and not expose a single strand of grey hair. Nobody needs to know that I am ageing.

I feel better now that I know what to do when I can’t hide my greys anymore. The fact that every woman now colors her hair for whatever reasons further comforted me. But then I couldn’t stop at that. I wondered what age would be a good age to stop coloring my tress and let the greys free. It is a difficult question to answer.

Do I want to sport natural grey mane at 50? I don’t know any woman in her 50s with grey hair. 60? My own Mother stopped dyeing her hair just a couple of years back and she is 69 this year. People her age are still dyeing their hair but I don’t want to go through the hassle for that many years. I am a very lazy person. My greying hair isn’t troubling me anymore, my concern now is not knowing when to stop hiding it.

I am guessing now that once we start coloring our greys, our fear of it grows. In the end, it takes courage to decide to stop hiding them and stop coloring. We can blame the society for even this. We all want to look younger than our peers. Our appearances give us confidence and boosts our image a great deal. No matter how natural it is, grey hair hurts.

My Mother said on several occasions that she would color her hair only for as long as she worked. She didn’t want to go to office with a grey head but it took her long after her retirement to finally give up. My mother was a little embarrassed since her friends still had black hair and I felt for her. Over the months, more people appreciated her natural look and she is now confident of her decision. She awaits the day when her head will turn completely white like her mother’s. I guess every elderly person go through this dilemma.

As for me, I know it will be very difficult to know when I need to stop. By the time I am 60, there may even be treatments that can turn my hair to how it used to be when I was 10. All I know is that one day I wish to show off my completely clean white head like my Grandmother’s and hopefully my Mother’s.

My Grandmother and I


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