Going to Concerts: A favourite activity (of the Past?)

Going to concerts is one of my favorite things in life. There is a feeling of belongingness that comforts me deeper than I can understand. Every attendee is present for a common reason – the love for music. To be specific, we all approve to the music that the person/persons or band/bands delivers. It is (like I said) ‘comforting’ to be in a field full of people with similar or same tastes . I can promise that there had been several occasions when going to concerts actually cheered me up when I was lonely and miserable. I think it is right to say that witnessing a live performance of an artist you love is more than an enjoyment. It is fulfilling.

I believe we will be happier and lesser-stressed people if we could attend at least one good concert in a couple of months. But there are many barriers that make it not so easy.

Dubai gets a few number of international artists every year and even so we can go to every show. The primary reason is of course ‘the music’. I get a reminder of my age whenever I turn the radio on. There are just a handful of songs in the present playlist that I can bear to listen to. I can’t even catch the lyrics even though they repeat the same lines over and over again. I guess this is why children all over are singing songs with explicit lyrics and parents have no idea. Not that there is something wrong with this trend of music, it’s just that I can’t relate to this form of music. And I know I’m not alone here.

My husband and I had been traditionally attending two music festivals held here annually. Some days ago, when he reminded me that we should buy the tickets to one of the events. I wasn’t sold for the festival this year. I told him that we have outgrown this particular festival. Last year, we found ourselves lost amongst school children. I have confidence that we can still handle a crowd in their mid 20s, but this crowd was all teenagers. The only adults were those escorting their children and they too looked equally lost, frozen in time. Some just kept sipping their beers, trying to understand what these kids were up to. Some sat on the grass staring at their phones and yawning. We surely didn’t feel like we ‘belonged’ there.

Music is supposed to cross boundaries and unite but after this experience, I am afraid to take my chances with artists I haven’t grown up listening to. Going to concerts isn’t a cheap night out. Tickets, transportation and F&B add up to a considerable amount, so in the end if you don’t enjoy yourself, it’s a huge waste of money and time. I can trust only the serenading artists from the 90s and before to give me the value for my money. Yes, everything at such a concert will remind of the years passed but I am certain that I will not be left disappointed.

Nothing feels better than fitting in. Unfortunately, the concerts that fit our tastes and age are becoming lesser and lesser, which is why we shouldn’t miss such concerts when we get the opportunity.


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