Who Doesn’t Care for Commendations and Condemnations?

It is so sad that life is all about earning commendations. Even a new-born is expected to do something to impress and this trend continues till death finally relieves us from this duty. Nobody is exempted. If one does decide that he needs to free his mind from this need for applause, he would have to live in total isolation, cut off from any other human being. Even then I guess, ultimately, he would get suspicious of his shadow judging him. There is no running for us. Even the Jihadist straps himself in bombs yearning for acclamation. His hope that Allah will reward him for his ‘sacrifice’ is no different from the expectations of the Heads of other religions. The fear of punishment drives us equally mad. Despite of our outward differences, we are all just the same, aren’t we?

So, who are those among us who genuinely don’t care about compliments and criticisms? Do you think the famous writers of the beautifully designed quotes actually succeed in being indifferent? We profess and share these sayings and maybe we even believe in it for some seconds but it’s all so unconvincing. Every once in a while, I promise myself that I would stop caring for other’s approval and just do whatever my heart wants. But it is impossible to live without friends and family and therefore I end up breaking my promise each time. We all do.

Ignorance is truly bliss but even the ignorant would unconsciously crave for lauding. For those ‘enlightened’ beings who has gained the knowledge that we are the ‘masters’ of our own selves and that we needn’t care about other’s opinions, we suffer the most. The very awareness of our individuality and the freedom we are entitled to seem to chain us even more. We often complain about being judged and not getting deserved accreditation, but would we complain as much if the comments were all positive?

Judging somebody is as much a part of being a human as being affected by those judgments. Even the best human being in the world, if such a title exists, would ‘absentmindedly’ evaluate another person. Maybe he would later realize it and do penance but that wouldn’t stop him from repeating. Sometimes we need people to judge us. Honestly, what makes or breaks us?

Perhaps, since we know that being affected by commendations and condemnations is part of being a human and since we are also aware that we are guilty of judging others just as much as they judge us, we can maybe try to commend more than we condemn. It is a myth not to care and not to be aware. It is unrealistic to even stop being a critic. So why not we just try to be honest with our comments but try not to be destructive? I think it’s easier this way than sharing quotes about ‘giving a damn’ on Facebook, most of which I imagine been written at an ‘elevated’ position.


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