We can NO Longer Believe What we see

Haven’t we all been taught to only Believe in what we See? It is a wise saying warning us against judging people or situations based on narrations rather than verifying it with our own eyes. Such blind conclusions often lead to regrets and misunderstandings when things turn different from what had been assumed. In the past, none could refute this saying but in the present Age, it is a very tricky thing to follow, though all we do is SEE.

Technology has brought us closer to each other like never before. Pictures and videos can be shared from one corner of the globe and Seen instantly by somebody in the extreme corner. We spend several hours on televisions, computers and phone screens looking at these pictures but just ‘SEEING’ is NO longer ‘BELIEVING’. In a different era, a person who Believed only what he saw could have been admirably called a wise man but in this Age, he would be called foolish and naïve.

Man has become so smart that it is now super easy to manipulate what we See. We are living in an Age where our faces with make-up and without make-up are poles apart that one person can easily pass off as a different one. It is no big deal to hide our real faces from our dear ones for as long as we want. We can’t even confidently declare if the color of our friend’s eyes is black or green because every day he/she changes his/her contact lenses. The line “I saw with my own two eyes.” isn’t reliable anymore. At least a person’s character is still difficult to judge after just a couple of meets.

Media is at its deceptive best at present. Forget about news channels and whatever they report, we cannot even look at the picture of a rose and say whether it is orange or red or pink. We have the power to filter anything unpleasant from a picture and make it appear flawless. In fact, when we see photos of people without filters, we feel ashamed and think that the photos need some touch-ups. Body shaming and body insecurity are at its peak and I myself am to blame just as you yourself are to blame if we are suffering from this problem. All are masters of edit and filter and yet we Believe that the ‘perfect’ body and the ‘perfect’ face exist. We don’t actually Believe but we still want to so that others may also Believe that we are ‘perfect’.

We cannot even plan a holiday based on photos of the destination or hotels. I may know the least but I still know the color of leaves, clouds and the sky. The world we are living in is a boxed fantasy world and it is getting harder to get out of it. We may try to defend this obsession by giving lame excuses like “the world is full of sad things…. blah… blah.” The truth is that the world is more beautiful if we lift up our chins and look at it through our own eyes. A camera can never capture anything in its complete natural state and that’s why the best photographers are greatest lovers of the Natural.

There is still a lot of REAL GOOD things in the world to BELIEVE in and once we open our eyes to this truth, everything will get better.


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