Bad Connection in the Age of ‘LIKE’

Wikipedia defines: “Like is the lowest level category feedback on content that a user can provide in internet based social networks, and it has positive impact as it indicates that the user found the content interesting, useful or worth considering.”

This blog is primarily for myself and my sanity but I realized that I wouldn’t mind having some readers to share my roller coaster mood and to receive suggestions, advises and of course some “good job”. To my disadvantage, I am a very private person who is contented standing in the back and my life in the cyber world is no better. The only social networking site I am part of is Facebook but even there I don’t feel comfortable to share my most personal details. I regularly get tempted to delete my account but I am continuing with it because it is really nice to connect with family and friends even when we are thousands of miles apart. I don’t use Instagram or Twitter and I have never understood the need to. It is only when I am seriously writing that I find the courage to bare out and want people to hear me.

Most bloggers use social media platforms to promote their websites and they definitely benefit from doing so. I see now the plus points of accepting all the friend requests we get and the power of the ‘Like’. But I am still not convinced about linking my personal FB account to my blog. It is too exposing and I may be risking a lot more than I can comprehend. Yesterday, after much thought, I decided to open a new account and use it solely for the purpose of supporting my website and finding new readers.

So, I started the process of filling up the formalities, etc., I added a profile picture and cover photo and then there were more questions and more formalities and it went on. I had opened my personal account almost 10 years back and I don’t recall it being so challenging. Anyway, Facebook didn’t approve my new account and disabled it. Doesn’t that sound totally absurd? Not able to open an account on Facebook? I must had clicked some wrong buttons here and there and made some typos. I wasn’t really interested in it I guess and maybe I should just link it to my personal account. Since then, I have joined Twitter and Instagram and am still trying to figure out how exactly the ‘#’ works. Someday I shall understand…

Anyway, have you heard of the ‘Likes Factory’? It is a Chinese company that produces ‘likes’ to boost the online popularity of individuals and businesses for a price. Basically, there are thousands of mobile phones in the factory and the workers use these phones to send out likes and comments. Doesn’t it feel as if we have reached the limits of vanity? It disgusts me to know that this company will be just the beginning of thousands in the making. Humankind is just a poke away from drowning in our shallowness. I wish we could put an end to this but that’s not going to happen, is it? We are in too deep.

The obsession over ‘like’ is ridiculous but sadly even I want it. I will be lying and ignorant if I say that I will not allow myself to be affected by whether I get ‘like’ or not for my blog. It will feel good to know whether readers agree with me and will certainly be encouraging which is exactly what they are meant for. But for the ‘like’ to come in, I need to advertise my blog which brings me back to my networking tragedy. The truth is that I have the tools and if there is any way I can get back the money’s worth of my investments, why shouldn’t I make the most of it? But I promise that I will never be so pathetic to buy ‘likes’.


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