Back from Home, Back from Kohima

I am back!!! Just into my sixth month of blogging and I’ve already broken its foremost rule – BEING CONSISTENT. As if programmed, my laptop broke about two weeks into my stay in Kohima. NOT trying to excuse myself because had I been really keen on posting, I could have done it from other devices. I just grabbed the opportunity of being free from the laptop to spend some more precious hours with family. I did try turning it on everyday but to no luck. On my second day in Guwahati, Assam, I tried starting the laptop and miraculously, it worked. I gasped to my husband that at least the bumpy, uncomfortable National Highway-39 did some good for I am sure the tossing of my luggage in the trunk fixed the laptop.

Anyway, I was home in Kohima for a good five weeks and another two weeks in Guwahati home. This long and much-needed break has left a satisfactory feeling deep inside. I feel detoxed, cleansed and quenched. I had a heartful of many things I love – family, clean air, greenery, rain, local food, and even winter (not heartful but a taste of Kohima winter).

My favorite moments were sitting with my mother after dinner, father watching television in the next room. She’d be knitting a woolen hat while I just sat lazily, doing absolutely nothing. The first hat she knitted turned out too small for father, so she gave it to a grandson. She was determined to knit it right the second time. Evening, we’d move to that small room and just chat. We shared our experiences, gossips, stories from the past and she would repeat things she had already told me previously.

I spent my remaining days in Kohima in similar manner. Oddly, my mother had no problem with me being idle. I rarely even went out of the house and, yet I couldn’t have enough of staying in that house in the comforting presence of my parents. Every time I leave Kohima, it feels like the first time. My heart breaks like a child’s when separated from his family. Remarkably, the moment I step out, I instantly feel and act much older than my age. I miss being a child to my parents and my siblings. I miss that above all things.

What a wonderful feeling it is to be reminded that you are their child! Loved, Cared and Protected. I had not realized how tiring it is to be a grown-up. Those five weeks of being a child retrieved an innocence in me which I had forgotten about.

I am just Grateful, I have a father and a mother to go home to and I wouldn’t think twice before breaking my ‘Consistency’ to spend time with them.

Now I am back to my station and ready to continue blogging.



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