2017’s Ups and Downs – The Audit

Having less than a month left of 2017, we must all have started evaluating how the dying year had fared for us. Someone could be feeling dejected and the other elated. I, for one, am feeling cool about my year. I am feeling that most happenings were good and those that were bad could have been worse. There isn’t a single thing worth wasting my time complaining about. No! it wasn’t home run for me. Actually, the only thing that pinches is the realization that I am getting older.

The whole year, a million of things remind us that time is short, precious and irreversible. That time of the year has come when we can grasp a little bit of what they meant. There is a sudden awakening, a rush to finish off something but we have no idea what it is. I had hopes and wishes for 2017 and a few were fulfilled. I had quietly whispered some resolutions to myself too, but I couldn’t keep any. That’s the same story every year for almost everybody. Obviously, we need to work harder to achieve our goals and usually, we don’t. I know I failed because I didn’t put enough efforts to make my year a booming success. No reason for me to be blue over something I knew I would fail in.

On the other hand, if you are a go-getter and had given your everything but got no good results, you should be disappointed. Kidding! That’s just life! We live our lives but none of us can understand or predict it. This isn’t the story of just 2017, life is unpredictable every year. Everyone of us face our equal share of ups and downs, and it depends on the individual how happy or miserable one wants to feel. Sadly, the ‘ups’ are easily forgettable. Many times, we don’t even realize that our days had been all ‘ups’.

The ‘downs’, on the contrary never leave our memory. Years after, we can still remember the ‘bad’ things that had come to us as clear as yesterday. By all means, life will seem tougher for those who choose to add to their own suffering but that’s not life’s doing. That’s the person’s own doing. We are all guilty of this, aren’t we?

Life gets easier when we are grateful and appreciative (I am getting so old!!!). We begin to see more of ‘ups’ and learn from the ‘downs’. I bet our planet would be filled with more contended human beings if it was mandatory for everybody to write down the things they are grateful for and the things they are unhappy for.

There are so many wonderful things I am grateful for that I feel ashamed to even consider a single thing that might had saddened me. In fact, it is difficult to convince myself that a particular happening had been ‘bad’. Above everything that I have been blessed with, the foremost thing I am grateful for is my Family.

A friend used to repeat herself, “Self-pity is also a sin.” How much we love pitying our own selves! We love feeling ‘wronged’ and ‘abandoned’ and for no real reasons. Because we only see the ‘downs’. Once in a while, instead of only analyzing the things that had been done to us, we should also take time to reminisce on what we have done for and to others. Were we helpful and kind to anybody? Were we rude and hostile to anybody? The answers will make us feel aptly. Thanks to myself, I am starting to feel very poor at being a human. I wasn’t really a success in 2017.


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