Why We Look Forward to Winter?

WINTER Christmas, Generous, Nascent, Warming, Feasting, Strengthening, Joyousness, Gratitude: Humiliation, Bereavement, Shuddering, Unforgiving, Terminating, Barren, Brutal, Winter.     We enjoy the Winter season only because we have roofs over our heads to protect us from the chill. We look… Continue Reading


I am re-visiting the past today, just like I did yesterday, And I am sure to go back tomorrow, To be with dear people I know, In places which no longer exist, To relive experiences missed, To assess and blush,… Continue Reading

Christmas Memories: Our Traditional Bundles of Joy

As Christmas is nearing, I am seeing various advertisements for pre-packed hampers and baskets for gifting. This is quite a new initiation for Kohima and my reaction was, “How convenient!”. I told my husband about these enterprises, expecting a similar… Continue Reading

2017’s Ups and Downs – The Audit

Having less than a month left of 2017, we must all have started evaluating how the dying year had fared for us. Someone could be feeling dejected and the other elated. I, for one, am feeling cool about my year.… Continue Reading