Monthly Archive: October, 2017

When it Pours on Kohima

When it pours down on Kohima in October, You fetch your sweater or a light shawl, Your feet are cold but just slightly. Your Mom takes out her knitting set and wool, And you sit by the fire and warm your toes. The aromatic rice in the cooker is alluring,...


Worms do not Compare

Some only look up, Picking and socializing, Undaunted by Words.   Some only look down, Withdrawn from congregation, Stalled by repressions.   Who will tell them that the end is the same for all? Worms do not compare.   Some can see faces, They watch the sky and the ground,...


There, I Said it – A Confession

*This is the first of a series of confessions I will be making on my blog (whenever I muster the courage). I am already too heavy without my innermost thoughts weighing me further down so I decided to shed some pounds.   I am from a Christian background and my...


The Sounds of the Night

Every sound is amplified, every feeling gets exaggerated. The roosters crow in the distance, though the clock only says twelve. Cries of a baby emerge from the house below, the mother shushes. The heavy footsteps from the floor above and the slamming of doors Depict the pictures of the struggles...


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