Mama Bird Laid Two Eggs

Mama bird laid two eggs, Now she rarely stretches her legs. At the foot of my aloe plant, Which on a pot stands aslant. One is bigger than the other, Because the other came later. Papa bird is always close… Continue Reading

A Wife’s Poem for her Husband

He doesn’t mind where he treads and he trips. He avoids spiteful utterance from his lips. This fellow mistake every word of mine for sarcasm, But we have over-passed the chasm.   He laughs most at his own story, But… Continue Reading

Pink Spray Bottle

It’s another hot summer day, She is out on her balcony, holding her plastic spray in dismay.   Her hair up in a tight bun, Glasses slipping from her nose, skin glistening in the sun.   In her flowy tie-dye… Continue Reading

Why I love my Frizzy and Coarse Hair

My sister and I were walking back home after visiting some relatives and on the way, she told me that she would cut my hair because my long hair was starting to absorb the growth of my body and preventing… Continue Reading

Now (Fibonacci poem)

War, Death, Crippled, Refugees, Cities burnt to ground, Little children without parents,        Blindly traveling into a future uncertain. Good Samaritans committed to help the needy, the unsecured fear for their own.          The escapee’s… Continue Reading

Paper Boats (Haiku)

The monsoon is here Muddy water in the drains Time for paper boats.   Grab the used notebook Hold up the old umbrella Time for paper boats.     (Haiku is Japanese poem of seventeen syllables, in three lines of… Continue Reading

Mama’s Tight-Lipped Girl

One of my earliest childhood memories is of my Mother threatening me that she wouldn’t take me anywhere if I didn’t talk to people. I don’t remember promising her anything but she would take me out anyway and I would… Continue Reading