Dear Friends, Stay With Me. Please…

It is no secret that I would be a total loner if my handful of friends didn’t understand my character and minded my ‘friendly’ acts. My social skills lack vigour and I fail miserably at showing affection. I had not… Continue Reading

Bad Connection in the Age of ‘LIKE’

Wikipedia defines: “Like is the lowest level category feedback on content that a user can provide in internet based social networks, and it has positive impact as it indicates that the user found the content interesting, useful or worth considering.”… Continue Reading

1997 School Girl Fantasies (Nothing Kinky)

It was the year of 1997, I was a thirteen-year-old studying in class-8 and my whole being was overflowing with dreams and fantasies. I was a nervous teenager getting the scare of my life every time my body surprised me… Continue Reading

Birthday Blues and Revelations

In two weeks’ time, I’ll be turning 33 and my greatest fear is that my life will remain the same. I know I’m fortunate to have good people around me and being able to do whatever I have been doing… Continue Reading

Kathmandu: The City of Temples and Palaces

My husband, Sunny, and I made an emergency trip to Kathmandu last week because we felt like we were about to explode from needing a break from the daily life. We longed for a week where nothing was expected from… Continue Reading


As night falls on Kathmandu valley on a Saturday, in a village nearby, the mothers are calling their children home after a long leisure day under the sun and in the dust. The smell of curries rises from the tin… Continue Reading

Alcoholism and Life around an Alcoholic

An alarming number of lives in my immediate family have been cut short due to alcoholism and there are some more who are going towards the same fate. It is the most unfortunate kind of death and at the funerals,… Continue Reading

Food For Medicine: The Tribal Way

After a week of cheating on our diet and indulging in rice and other carb-rich food, yesterday was supposed to be the day we get back to track but my lunch for today was rice with ghee (clarified butter), tuna… Continue Reading