Praises Go a Long Way: Handling My Self-Doubt

It is almost a month now since I started working on this website and though I admit that the quality of the write-ups is not up to the mark, I have learned a lot and am happy with what I… Continue Reading

Santorini: The Sublime (Greece)

Santorini is a place where the blues of the sky and the sea come together in its bluest best, the white houses are the whitest, the green leaves are the greenest and every other colour you find is at its… Continue Reading

An Introduction to Basil

I discovered very late that there were more varieties of basil than just the only two I had seen, the Thai basil and the Holy basil. I didn’t even know that the herb that we use in almost every dish… Continue Reading

Old Piano

Somebody carved you from scratch, he carefully connected every piece of you and put music in you, lovingly… You possibly were his greatest work, you probably were the talk of the town. Could you have been a gift for his… Continue Reading

Spring Cleaning and Minimalism

Spring cleaning is done and Phew!!!! What a relieve and I mean What a Relieve!!! I feel like this was the most important thing I have done this year. I had been trying to escape this cleaning for many days… Continue Reading

Learning to Blog and More…..

I’m just learning to blog and in the beginning process of setting up my website. I haven’t achieved much but had it not been for some very helpful blogs, I wouldn’t even know how to login. I honestly declare that… Continue Reading

15 best Indoor Plants for the UAE

Cleaning the air and enhancing the décor of a room aren’t the only things that plants have to offer. We are all aware of the positive influence that plants have on our mental and emotional well-being . Some of us,… Continue Reading