12 Things That Irritates me the Most (Like it Matters)

12. Combing hair in open: Just the sight of a comb coming out of a pocket or a bag disgusts me. I can only think of dirt, lice and another person’s hair falling all over the floor and on me. I would recommend combing hair inside a bathroom and cleaning after you are done because hair on the bathroom floor is just as bad.

11. Selfies with hand half covering the face: There might be a name for this one which I don’t want to know. I don’t like to be teased and if you don’t want to show your face, why    take a selfie and publicize?

10. Texting Language: Wat? R u 2 busy 2 type a singl sentnce? Seriously, if you don’t know the spelling of a word, there is something called ‘auto-correct’ that is accurate ‘most times’. It will help you and even your fren. Lol!

9. Lack of waste bins: At times, there are things I don’t wish to carry around but I am too shy to ask my host where the dust-bin is and so my handbag is filled with litter. Leaving a used tissue behind except on a waste-bin is the most unsanitary and disrespectful thing to do. I also get extremely irritated when I see people littering, expecting that somebody else would clean after them.

8. People who only talk about being broke: We all need money and don’t we all wish we have a little more than what we already have. The money topic is inevitable when having an honest conversation but uncivil and unnecessary to bring it up in every conversation.

7. Obsessive animal ‘lovers’: I love animals but human beings are dearer to me. I strongly believe that we aren’t doing these amazing creatures any favor by trying to turn them into humans. If you can’t let your best friends run freely in the field and roll around in dirt and then enjoy cleaning after them, you are probably keeping them just for your entertainment.

6. People asking very personal questions: There is a boundary line for everything and between every person. ‘Completely Open’ isn’t a reality. If you don’t wish me to ask you certain questions, don’t be at liberty to ask me the same. If I feel like my personal stuff are safe with you, I would tell you.

5. Parents who puts their little girls in clothes meant for adults: I have a niece who is too big for her age so we buy her clothes meant for adults, but clothes that don’t make her look like a 20-year-old. In short, we look for appropriate clothes and guess what? Such clothes exists. I’m sure you can understand what I’m trying to convey here. Putting a 9-year-old in a bikini top meant for people with breasts, making her wear heeled shoes two sizes big, ugly dresses with frills that she will be wearing for another 3 years. My heart goes for those girls.

4. People who don’t listen when somebody is talking: It happens a lot to me maybe because I speak too softly or maybe I don’t talk sense. But it’s an awfully rude thing to do. Everybody has the right to talk and to be listened to no matter how uninteresting it may be. I just shut up for the session the moment somebody interrupts me while I’m talking and barely speak to anybody who I know doesn’t listen.

3. Loud sneezes: I know it’s unreasonable of me to be irritated by something that may be out of somebody’s control but I can’t stand when people sneeze out so loud that it hurts my throat. Cover your nose, your mouth, your whole face please.

2. Pouting: Only certain people and I mean a handful number of people can look sexy and cool while blowing kisses. I really don’t understand what people are trying to do when they give the pout. It only reminds me of a little hole we have in our behind.

1. Hunger: I usually don’t realize I’m hungry until I can’t tolerate anything anymore. So, if you think I might be hungry, Don’t speak to me, Don’t move around me and Don’t even look at me.



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